Recruitment and manpower

Bishamall is a leading recruitment service provider, specialized in critical skills and high-level professionals.

Our services are extended from recruitment to mobilization, including visa and payroll services.

The Manpower Division has a dedicated team for the worldwide talent acquisition and development.



Construction Division has an experienced management team and direct employ a large number of qualified tradespeople ensuring your building project is delivered to the highest standard.  We are flexible in our project management approach which we tailor to suit our client specific requirements.  We have a very flat hierarchy with the General Manager and Company Directors being accessible to the construction team and their clients.


The Maintenance Division has developed and continues to develop comprehensive and dynamic programs ensuring the success and sustainability of the managed plant/facility, i.e. reducing capital repairs/unscheduled shutdowns and repairs, extending equipment/systems life, realizing life-cycle cost savings, and providing safe, functional systems and facilities. 


Support services

Our  fully equipped teams are ready to perform a variety of Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Telecommunication activities.

IT solutions

Keep your systems in line with up-to-date technology even after several years of service and thus retain your competitive edge by system conversions and extensions.